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Birmingham Parent Carer Forum is an independent service which consults parents of children with special needs on planning children’s services for the future.
Across Birmingham, Birmingham Parent Carer Forum is making a difference to the lives of children, young people and their families
Birmingham Parent Carer Forum actively participates in the development and evaluation of services across Birmingham.



Following an emergency Trustees meeting on 24/04/18 it is with regret that the Trustees of Birmingham Parent Carers Forum are announcing the suspension of the charity’s public activities.

 BPCF has been in receipt of the Parent Participation Grant from central Government since they began 10 years ago. In that time we feel that much has been achieved. In our City there is an increased level of appreciation for the voice of the Parent Carer at a strategic level and BPCF Parent Representatives have been active participants at many high-level meetings with the Local Authority and other service providers. This would have been unthinkable 10 years ago.

However, all of the Board of Trustees has been with the organisation, in some capacity, for all of those 10 years. We have all, in the past year, had either serious family or personal health issues that have meant that we have not been able to give the Forum our full attention. All five of the Trustees have decided to resign from their post.

Sadly, almost all of our current Parent Representatives have also had issues that have severely restricted the time they can give the Forum, none have indicated that they would be willing to step up to take on a Trustee Role. Some parents, that are members, have recently volunteered to increase their involvement, but with the organisation suspended there is no capacity to train these volunteers and we feel that their talents would be better used by a new Forum.

Without dedicated Trustees the organisation cannot function. Current Trustees will remain in role merely to fulfil any outstanding financial, grant and legal obligations.

BPCF will not be applying to be the recognised Parent Carer Forum for Birmingham this year.

We have been in discussion with Catherine Wood, the Midlands Parent Carer Participation Advisor for the charity Contact. Contact work with the DfE to administer and monitor the annual Parent Participation Grants to Forums. Contact will be working with the regional office of Contact, local voluntary agencies, such as Birmingham Carers Hub and other local Parent Carer Support Groups to enable Parent Participation to continue in Birmingham. Please contact Catherine by e-mail: or by phone: 07920 654960 if you wish to learn about how to be involved in the establishment of a new Parent Carer Forum.

Will publish a final report to members in June. New data protection regulations mean that we cannot pass on details of members to any new Forum, so if you wish to participate it is advisable to contact Catherine. Our social media platforms will remain active only until the end of the school Summer Term and we will continue to share appropriate information of interest to Parent Carers.  We will also post updates of progress in establishing a new Forum and any details of meetings for parents to attend to learn more about the role of a Parent Carer Forum.